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Totapuri Mangoes- 5 Kg's

Totapuri Mangoes- 5 Kg's

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Mangoes are seasonal fruits. Grown at healthy soils, organic environment.

Vitamins that are in present : A , C,  K, E and B. Help to boost immunity  

Totapuri is king all fruits. 
Popularly used to make pickles, salads and curries.
Sourced directly from Chittoor local farms. 

Other Names: Ginimoothi, Bangalore, Collector, Kallamai, Kili Mooku, Gilli, Mukku, and Sandersha


Weight: 330-950 grams per piece. 

Nutrition Facts per 100 g of fruit:  Energy : 303 kJ/72.4 kcal, Carbohydrates : 16.0 g, Sugars : 13.0 g, Fiber : 1.6g, Protein : 1.2g and others at minimal value. 


Free shipping of products occurred if you have received fruits that are in overripe and damaged condition. 

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